Allison Fall, a performer her entire life, has a range of experience from an operatic, funky pigeon, to a severe Mormon sister-wife.  She began to dance professionally in 1998 for a contemporary ballet company in Columbus, Ohio, which led her to land her a position for a modern dance company, The Dance Cure, whom she still collaborates with to this day.  Moving to New York City in 2003, Allison began to find her own voice as an artist and performer while working for several different choreographers such as, Linda Diamond, Eryc Taylor, Abigail Levine, and Richard Decker.  Allison and Richard were dance partners for years and co-directed Richard’s company, Direct Intent.  New York pushed Allison to continue to find her own voice as a performer and she attended The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, focusing on performance, installation and sculpture.  Her first full-length evening solo performance in 2009 premiered her work as an installation artist combined with her first solo work as a performer.  Allison continues creating installations and performances, and recently relocated to Berlin, where she is ready to dive into the performance and art world with no hesitations.

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